Sananga is a very powerful, healing eye medicine made from the roots and bark of a shrub called Apocynaceae that grows in the Amazon jungle. The bark of this special shrub’s root is used to make these sacred eye drops, which have been traditionally used by indigenous peoples to lift panama, or negative energetic influences that can promote bad luck, depression, difficulties, and disease.

What are the healing powers of Sananga?

Sananga was traditionally used in the Amazonian cultures for sharpening sensory perceptions and awareness. But Sananga’s greatest healing power is in its ability to deeply cleanse us on the energetic, physical, emotional, and spiritual level by unblocking stuck energy flows and realigning and opening up the chakras. This can aid in healing mental and physical sickness. Sananga profoundly helps to cleanse the physical, emotional, and energetic fields of our bodies.It opens up the inner sight, and deeply cleanses the whole aura from the inside out. Other benefits of Sananga include:

Improves the vision that connects us to the spiritual realm

Opens up the “third eye” chakra

Helps to decalcify and activate the pineal gland

Clears negative thought patterns and mental confusion

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