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Explore Your Spiritual Awakening

Embark on a profound journey of spiritual discovery and holistic healing at Ayahuasca churches and revered healing centers.

Unveil the mysteries of your inner self and connect with ancient wisdom in tranquil, sacred environments, guided by experienced spiritual leaders.

Discover Healing With Us

The Heal is Real

$200 OFF

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$200 off so now its $699 for a 2 Aya Ceremonies with an option of a 3rd Aya ceremony in daytime, Yoga, Breath work, and Integration
Those that have already booked we will apply the discount to your daytime ceremony

Meet our Spiritual Leaders

A Convergence of Traditions and Healing
Welcome to Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church Of Mother Earth, a sanctuary where ancient traditions and modern healing converge. Our dedicated team comprises a unique blend of spiritual guides, indigenous leaders, and experienced healers, each bringing their own expertise and wisdom to our community.

Our Diverse and Skilled Team Members
From the profound insights of our co-founder and medicine man, Chris Young, to the rich cultural heritage and musical talents of the Yawanawa brothers, Ronnä and Rennê, our team embodies a deep commitment to spiritual healing and personal growth.

Join Us on a Journey of Transformation
With their diverse backgrounds ranging from military service to traditional plant medicine, each member plays a pivotal role in fostering transformation and enlightenment. Join us in exploring the profound journeys and inspirational stories of our team, dedicated to guiding you on your path to spiritual awakening and holistic well-being.

Chris Young

Medicine Man • Purveyor of Tribal Medicine & Founder @ Soul Quest

Ronna Yawanawa

Yawanawa Tribe

Rennê Yawanawa

Yawanawa Tribe

Ixa Txana Huni Kuin

Huni Kuin tribe

Ayahuasca Retreats Center in Orlando

Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth in Orlando offers its church members ceremonial ayahuasca retreats for healing and personal evolution, with one of the most powerful shamanic medicines on the planet and with a professional and psychotherapeutic approach that is reaching thousands of people from all over the world, providing conclusive answers and real solutions to their problems.

We have no hierarchy in relationships between medicine man/woman, facilitators, and guests.


From Shock to Awe

A journey of hope and transformation

From Shock to Awe was filmed  at Soul Quest Church of Mother Earth in March 2016

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