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A Review of the Long Term Effects of Ayahuasca

Whether you’ve already participated in a retreat or are in the process of researching, we thought it was important to share what studies have shown regarding the long term effects of ayahuasca.  In 2012 a research study was done in Barcelona with 127 people who used ayahuasca at least twice a month for 15 years.  It compared this group with a group who had never consumed the plant.  After numerous tests were administered, it was determined that there were no visible downside to using ayahuasca, with some of the users actually scoring higher on cognitive test results.  They also showed more positive signs in their overall well being and attitudes.  To learn more about this research study click here.

If you’re curious as to what the long term effects are on the brain, this article is full of fascinating information that outlines in detail how ayahuasca works on the parts of the brain it stimulates.  For those who have deep rooted memories that could be causing stress in their present life, this plant works miracles to help heal and come to peace within yourself.  Here’s a short excerpt from the video below, explaining how it works, “Ayahuasca hyperactivates the entire brain region where we store and process emotional memory, often uncovering long-forgotten memories,” the video says. “This hyperactivation enables the conscious part of the new brain to temporarily override previously entrenched patterns, allowing new connections to be made.”