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My Life Changing Ayahuasca Experience – At Ayahuasca Church in Orlando


“In this video, I describe my first time drinking the plant medicine ayahuasca. I had a total of 3 ceremonies in one weekend. This video is regarding the first part of the first ceremony with the intention, “Show me who I’ve become.” I share the visions and messages I received from Mother Aya and how […]

Why Aaron Rodgers took Ayahuasca


Aaron Rodgers “I found a deeper self love,” said Rodgers of his ayahuasca experience. “It unlocked that whole world of what I’m really here to do is to connect, to connect with those guys, and to make those bonds and to inspire people.” The time for healing is now. Book your life-changing Ayahuasca Retreat at […]

What Is Shamanic Snuff? Here’s What You Need to Know About Rapé

shamanic snuff

ith plant medicine becoming more accessible and supported in our culture, we’re seeing an emergence of new substances. Only they aren’t new — just new to us. Rapé is one of these psychotropic substances. Used for thousands of years for sacred and spiritual practices, this tobacco-based snuff provides a slew of benefits. Here’s everything you […]

Inhale, Exhale: An Introductory Guide to Shamanic Breathwork

shamanic breathwork

Have you noticed that in times of stress you may hold your breathe or take small almost unnoticeable gasps? Then during times of relaxation like preparing for sleep, you take long, exaggerated, and deep breaths? Do you recognize the difference in how your body feels in both of these situations? Your breathing technique is a […]

Symptom Relief: The Top Natural Remedies for PTSD

natural remedies for ptsd

Do you suffer from various symptoms of PTSD? If so, then you’re probably familiar with all of the medications given to those suffering from it. But taking pills becomes tiring and sometimes even overwhelming. Luckily, there are several wonderful natural remedies for PTSD that are effective. If you’re someone who is looking to finally toss […]

Souled Out: A Look at the Life-Changing Effects of Ayahuasca

ayahuasca effects

You are open to the idea that hallucinogens can play a big role in opening up our minds and spirits to greater clarity. But you’ve heard horror stories about “bad trips” and other situations that make you hesitant to try a new spiritual experience. We don’t blame you for being wary! In fact, doing a […]

Vaccine of the Forest: The Modern Guide to Taking Kambo

what is kambo

Do you suffer from mental illness, such as depression, anxiety, or PTSD? What about physical illness, like migraines, a weakened immune system, or chronic pain? If the answer is yes, you should learn about the ancient vaccine of the forest — Kambo. It helps with an array of mental and physical ailments and works on […]

Is Ayahuasca Safe? Here’s How to Have a Safe, Soulful Experience

is ayahuasca safe

Are you interested in opening your mind to a new and eye-opening experience? Have you suffered an emotional trauma that you just can’t seem to process? If you are open to healing your mind and learning more about yourself and the world around you, attending an Ayahuasca retreat might be right for you. Chances are, […]

The Mindfulness Movement: A Thorough Beginner’s Guide to Meditation

beginners guide to meditation

Are you interested in meditating but unsure where to begin? We get it, meditating can be intimidating when you’ve never tried it before. After all, we live in a world where our body and mind are constantly distracted by the forces around us. This may be anything from our cell phones and our jobs to […]