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How Long Does Ayahuasca Last? (And Other Important Questions)

how long does ayahuasca last

Did you know that the standard ayahuasca trip lasts between four and six hours? Not only that, but it can take up to one hour for users to feel its effects. You might be wondering: how long does ayahuasca last? If you’re looking for a clear idea of the timeline, you’ve come to the right place. Read […]

The Modern Guide to Taking Rapé


When you think about tobacco, what images come to mind? A cancerous tumor or someone with an oxygen tank? These are the projections and results of western culture who may abuse natural substances in a way that lead to disease. In other cultures like Amazonian tribes, herbs like tobacco hold a different perspective. Tobacco is […]

10 Signs You’re Having a Spiritual Awakening

spiritual awakening

Could you be experiencing a spiritual awakening? If you’ve felt like your life’s been changing and that you’re growing as a person, you may be on the track to a spiritual awakening. However, there’s a lot more to it than that. Here are 10 signs you’re having a spiritual awakening. Increased Empathy As you open […]

Is Breathwork Meditation Effective? (The Answer: Yes!)

breathwork meditation

Did you know that recent statistics indicate as many as 1 in 5 Americans struggle with anxiety?  If you are among that 20%, you know how debilitating anxiety can be. It can impact your relationships, your work, and even your ability to enjoy the activities you like. Luckily, natural treatments like breathwork meditation can help […]

Spirituality vs Religion: Which Will You Benefit From?

spirituality vs religion

Currently, 27% of American adults identify with being spiritual but not religious.  While these two words might seem similar, spirituality and religion are far from the same thing. Religion is an organized practice in which people worship a deity or other entity that they believe created the universe. Many people don’t practice a religion, but […]

Ready for Some Soul Searching? 4 Ways to Dig Into Your Conscious

soul searching

Go to work, pick up your kids from school, go home, make dinner, eat, and go to bed. Many of our lives are filled with this sort of monotony. While some thrive in this endless cycle, it can be draining to most. One day, this feeling may build or come crashing at you at full […]

Everything You Need to Know About Ayahuasca and Ayahuasca Experiences

ayahuasca experiences

You’ve been prescribed another medication for your mental illness by your psychologist. This has been about the fourth one. You’ve had a bad reaction to all the others and you don’t expect anything different from this one. If this sounds like you, an ayahuasca retreat may be what you need. While there are still a […]

Ayahuasca in the USA: Can it heal me.

Ayahuasca. You may have heard of it before. Or you might know it by a different name. Huasca, La Purga, Yagé, and Brew are all synonyms for the same thing. In fact, ayahuasca is known by 70 different names in total. More important than its name is its function though. And more and more people […]

What Does Ayahuasca Do To The Brain?


One of the first questions people have about ayahuasca is, “what is the effect of ayahuasca on the brain?” It’s an understandable question, given that ayahuasca is an all-natural plant medicine with psychedelic properties. As with any substance, it’s important to know what to expect and what the potential short-and long-term effects might be. The […]