One of the most interesting facts about Ayahuasca is the fact that it is being studied for it’s ability to help people with drug addiction.  Many drug users who have tried various forms of therapy to rid themselves of addiction have found healing in as little as one ayahuasca ceremony.  Some have reported they believe the spiritual awakening that occurs during the experience is what helped them realize what drugs were doing to their body.  Others have been in and out of rehab with no success and gotten to the point of being called to take ayahuasca as a last resort.  From alcohol to cocaine to heroin, numerous people have found great success in ayahuasca and have been able to heal from the inside out as opposed to attempting to break their addiction with prescription drugs that also have various side effects.

This mother tells her very powerful story of addiction and alcoholism and how ayahuasca literally caused her to see exactly what she was doing to her body and gave her the ability to begin anew.  Not only did she have an incredible spiritual awakening, she also broke through years of grief and began to love herself again.  Not only did this affect her in a positive way but it affected everyone in her life in a positive way and she was inspired to share her story with others.  Click here to read the full story on

If you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction, learn more about ayahuasca and it’s potential healing effects and contact us with any questions today.  Click here to inquire about our upcoming ayahuasca retreats in Orlando, Florida.  We’d love to help you get well.

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