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Ayahuasca as a form of Cancer Treatment

Did you know that in Brazil, ayahuasca is used as a form of cancer treatment?  Although alternative forms of therapy have been prohibited in the U.S., many of them, including ayahuasca, are being studied in foreign countries.  One of the most powerful reports regarding the positive effects of ayahuasca and DMT, with regards to cancer, was published by Donald M. Topping, PhD.  Dr. Topping’s experience with colon cancer and a few ayahuasca treatments is astounding to say the least and is a must read.  Within a few months of seeking this alternative therapy after he relapsed, his cancer disappeared without additional surgeries, drugs and chemotherapy.

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Another educational website called discusses this very article and also notes that due to U.S. policies, some of the most healing forms of cancer treatments are being withheld from us because they are considered ‘taboo.’  However once a loved one or family member is diagnosed, many will attempt to try various methods of healing to save them.  If any natural substance is able to cure someone or save lives, why should the news not be spread that a gift such as this exists?  This is why we’re making it our mission to educate you on the physical and spiritual benefits of this amazing plant.

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