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Ayahuasca, a form of Natural Medicine


It’s no secret the world has been seeing a shift in the amount of individuals who are becoming increasingly interested in healing with natural medicine.  Be it spiritual or physical, natural cures have been discovered that have enabled people to heal without involving prescriptions or frequent doctor visits.  It is also believed by many that your spiritual health, emotional health and physical health are all intertwined and have considerate effects on each other.  In this article, Vibrational Consultant, Mary Kurus, explains in detail why we should all be conscious of our mental states as it has an effect on your level of vibration and determines what fullness of life you experience.  Click here to read the full story.

Ayahuasca has also been used as a form of natural medicine over the years, even in individuals with brain disease and cancer.  The Waking Times wrote about the strongly antioxidative properties of ayahuasca plants on specific nerve cells in the brain and central nervous system in this article written in December of 2014.

We too have experienced the powerful healing abilities of ayahuasca and are blessed to be able to share in others’ experiences as well.  In our ayahuasca retreats at Soul Quest, we guide you through the process and educate you along the way.  Those who wish to join Soul Quest are welcome and may sign up by clicking here.

Our special New Year’s Eve 2017 retreat has a only a couple of spots still available and will be a journey into a new year and a new you.  We would be honored to have you with us on this special occasion.  To be a part of our New Year’s Eve ceremony in Orlando, Florida, Click Here.