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Ayahuasca for PTSD


Adding to the long list of benefits of Ayahuasca, relief from PTSD has become a saving grace for many inflicted individuals.  In this interview with Lisa Ling, a former marine talks about his experience with this amazing form of therapy, following his time in the armed services.  As opposed to utilizing prescription drugs, this marine found ayahuasca treatment extremely beneficial, stating it helped him fix the root of his PTSD, allowing him to truly heal.

Another story of Ayahuasca being used for PTSD with veterans, tells of a former airforce medvac who suffered for years with rage and anger.   He found Ayahuasca while in Peru and was able to make peace with his PTSD after just one ceremony.  Click Here to read the full article on

In a study by researcher Jessica L. Nielson, Ayahuasca is explained by the Shamans as a way to purge and heal the drinker, allowing them to ‘get well.’  The body releases negative energy and traumas and activates areas of the subconscious brain, enabling the body to process trapped memories that may be causing stress.

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We highly recommend visiting to learn about all things ayahuasca.  Another great source for veterans using Ayahuasca for PTSD, is a documentary called from Shock To Awe.  To learn more about this documentary and hear more incredible stories, click here.