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Ayahuasca Retreat Pricing and Accommodations at Ayahuasca Church

soul quest church If you’re doing research on the best place to travel to for the most reasonably priced ayahuasca retreat, there are tons of places with rates in the thousands, not to mention the additional costs of traveling to get there.  Pricing and accommodations at Soul Quest Church are conveniently low, with retreats costing only $350 for the entire weekend.  Being that we are located in Orlando, Florida, we’re able to be reached by car or a short flight from anywhere in the US.

We’re also happy to help educate you ahead of time and are here to walk you through the process of what to expect, how to prepare and how to adjust back into normal everyday life afterwards.  At Soul Quest, we do not charge for the sacrament of Ayahuasca. All monies collected through membership, retreat fees, tithing or donation are used solely for the sustainment of the Retreat facility, ceremonial tools, property upkeep, staff salaries, food and additional expenses incurred with the upkeep of the Church.

Our accommodations consist of FREE basic accommodations that are included in the $350 price, or you may choose to upgrade to something more private, such as one of our semi-private rooms.  We are currently adding six private villas that will be priced at $75 per night and hold up to two people.  We’re always here to answer questions and make your stay and experience comfortable.

To join us for an upcoming retreat, click here.