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Intensive Integration Circle

Intensive Integration Circle

Intensive Integration Circle is for those wanting to maximize the opportunities and benefits of ceremony by opening oneself up to do the deeper work of transformation. Reflection and introspection in a smaller group is an important part of post-ceremony integration, where guests can explore the wisdom and insights received during one’s journey.

Intensive Integration Circle may include a brief meditation, mantra, poetry, Buddhist spiritual philosophy, and psychoanalytic or Jungian interpretations of your transpersonal journey. A guided exploration led by a trained psychologist and trauma professional is the best way to begin untangling the emotional knots from previous trauma or abuse and unresolved memories or grief from early life experiences.

When we sit down to share our stories in the spirit of openness and compassion, we stitch ourselves together in an intimate circle…forming a new supportive community, where we each become sacred mirrors for each other.

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