Our Team

Chris Young

Co-Founder, Medicine Man, Purveyor of Tribal Medicine. Founder/Spiritual Guide and Medicine Man Chris founded Soul Quest in September 2013 and established its foundation in April 2015. At a young age Chris felt the call to help others so In 1996 he obtained a certificate in Phlebotomy and Medical assisting where he then worked in a geropsychiatric Unit. In 1997 Chris went back to school to study Emergency Medicine and received a certificate for “EMT” where he worked as an ER tech at a local Hospital. After many years of working in the medical field and seeing how bad legal prescription…

Renata Satil

Renata Satil started her path with the ayahuasca 11 years ago, after being trained as an aircraft pilot and deciding to flow into a nomadic life. Throughout these years, the plants and master shamans of the Amazon became her main teachers and she had the privilege of immersing herself into the Yawanawa culture, living at one of their villages in the Amazon and traveling the world as the partner of the oldest son of the highest chief of this tribe during 2 years, helping to organize and hold space in ceremonies in several countries in Europe, South America and Central…

Verena Young

Director for Research & Evaluation, Integration Coach, Yoga Teacher Verena has been having an active part of the church since July 2018. She supports the church on multiple levels like e.g., Evaluation & Research as well as Psycho-Spiritual Integration (one-on-one and group settings). It became her mission to guide people before, during, and after transformative healing work surrounding entheogens. She has been on a spiritual path since her early 20s, has participated in many different spiritual retreats, workshops, and energy healing classes. Verena discovered the benefits of Ayahuasca in her personal healing path which has helped her profoundly to overcome…

Ben Heimann

Facilitator, Manager, Psycho-Spiritual Integration and Addiction Recovery Coach. Ben joined the Soul Quest team in 2019 with a passion for psychedelic science and a heart for healing. His personal healing with plant medicine has placed him in service to the medicine and those around him. He is certified in Addiction Recovery Coaching and is available for Psycho-Spiritual Integration. As well as facilitating, Ben generally manages the overall operation and we are blessed to have him as a member of our team.

Colleen Mix

Facilitator & Rapé Practitioner. Colleen Mix is a ceremony facilitator and mother of two growing sons living in St. Augustine, Florida. She has been a member of Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of the Mother Earth since December 2016, a volunteer since September 2017, and was brought into our core team of staff in May 2018. She was called to a path of healing through plant medicines primarily because of a pharmaceutical benzodiazepine addiction that plagued her for about a decade, cumulatively. After a head-on collision vaulted her back into the meathooks of addiction spring of 2016, she vowed it was…

Danny Sizemore

Paramedic, Veteran – USMC. Mike began his calling to serve by enlisting in the US Marine Corps.  He carried that service into a career as a First responder and served as a Firefighter / Paramedic for over 10 years.  These experiences while rewarding,  eventually led to a path of healing and self-discovery.  Soul Quest provided the foundation for that journey.  As a member of the Soul Quest Medical team, Mike is dedicated to ensuring the comfort and safety of our guests. “When you begin to heal yourself, you help to heal the world around you.”

Daniel Murray

Facilitator, Veteran’s Consultant. Air Force veteran Daniel Murray has over 20 years’ experience as a Special Operations Pararescueman. With deployments all over the world every 18 months, the massive shift afterwards back to a slower pace of everyday life, often presented some of his biggest challenges. As depression and PTSD worsened, Daniel’s military career forced him to compartmentalize the severe emotional trauma that comes with the job. Alcohol and drug abuse continued to spiral out of control leading to multiple attempts at rehab in an effort to save his marriage and family life, followed by multiple relapses and a near…

Angela Raine

Facilitator. Psycho-spiritual Integration Coach (certified through BTTY), Transformational Coach (certified through Robbins-Madanes Coaching), Certified Reiki Master. Believing what “happened to” us does not define who we are or the trajectory of our life, she is committed to her own healing and self-discovery journey which has led her to attend various retreats and events, study and apply different energy healing modalities and tools in her own life. This path brought her to Ayahuasca that changed her own life in so many beautiful ways and led her to the path of service to the medicine and others. We are the medicine and…

Andrew Guillory

Facilitator and Rapé Practitioner. Andrew began his healing journey with Ayahuasca in mid 2019, when he left Louisiana with no intention of returning. “I couldn’t take living in my own private hell any longer. It was time to make a drastic change and begin digging deep.” Thanks to the medicine and community support at Soul Quest, he has overcome many issues of unresolved trauma, complicated grief, and disassociation issues. Andrew is a lover of açaí bowls, curry, and visual art. He has painted several murals around Soul Quest, helping to further beautify the space.

Shiri Takacs

Facilitator. Hapé Practitioner. Medicine Musician and Visual Artist. Shiri Takacs is a musician and artist composing and performing music derived from her Ayahuasca journeys and medicine space. She also assists Soul Quest in running more vegan, eco-friendly, sustainable practices. Her mission for her music is to connect people to themselves, to each other and to every living being on this planet so we can truly live in peace and unity. She’s also passionate about conscious living and cultivating an inspired authentic life hoping that by truly following her own path, she gives others permission to do the same. “My intention…

Sheree K

Administrative Manager. Sheree is a mother of four girls and a dedicated Pilates instructor. She has been passionately teaching Pilates for several years and is committed to helping her clients achieve their fitness goals. In addition to her work as a Pilates instructor, Sheree has been exploring the use of Ayahuasca for nearly three years. Through her experiences with this powerful plant medicine, she has gained a deeper understanding of herself and the world around her. Sheree is a compassionate and empathetic individual who is dedicated to helping others improve their physical and spiritual well-being.


Volunteer Coordinator, Office Assistant. Kala has been working with Ayahuasca for three years. She has gained a deep appreciation for the transformative power of Ayahuasca and her teachings. Kala is particularly interested in feminine embodiment, and has been working to help others connect with the sacred feminine within themselves.

Steven Twohig Sr

Steven comes to Soul Quest with over 2 decades in the human transformation field. He started his journey April 2000 when he was first introduced to his shadow. Going through an experiential hero’s journey process he met his shadow and from there, developed a mission of service. That mission of service led him on a 2-decade journey to develop tools to support the process of transformation. He spent 2 decades on a leader track for a group focused on shadow facilitation. He has extensive study in hero’s journey architecture, NLP, NAC, hypno-therapy, Strategic Intervention, Jungian archetypes, and other modes of…