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Ronna Yawanawa

Ronnä Yawanawa is a young Txana (musician), living in the Yawarani village in the indigenous lands of Rio Gregório.

He is the son of chief Roque Yawanawa, and Antônia Calazam, and the grandson of the great Paje Yawa. ‘Ronnä’ was the name chosen in Yawarani by Yawa who has now passed away, leaving behind a great Yawanawa legacy of much wisdom and learning for his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Ronna (Yawa) & Rennê (Timá), are sons of Cacique Roque, chef of the village Yawarani. They have been studying medicine of the forest, Yawanawa culture & spirituality for past 15 years. As a part of the preparation for the spiritual path of healing and service, they have been doing Samakei (spiritual diets) lasting from 1-3 months in complete isolation with deep studies with the sacred medicine of the forest.

For past few years, they have been traveling outside the village around Brazil and internationally, carrying their culture, wisdom with joy and the strength of the forest, taking the healing for those who need it. They will be accompanied by Tivēne, wife of Ronna, who also very recently finished her first diet, and carries the feminine force with her heart & wisdom

Yawanawa People

For long time Yawanawa, the Peccary People, People of Boar, have been living by the Gregório river, geographically belonging to Tarauacá Contry, Acre. Yawanawa territory is approximately 187,400 hectares. Nowadays, due to impact of rubber tappers and missionaries, the prevailing language in the villages is Portuguese. The Yawanawa language, Nuke Tsãi Anuri, is only spoken by the elders and a few young people.

Events with Ronna Yawanawa

7-Day Retreat with the Yawanawa Tribe in the Yawarani Village in the Jungle of Brazil, July 8th-13th 2024
July 8 - 13, 2024

*The Soul Quest family is pleased to receive an invitation to visit the Yawanawa family again in the Yawarani village! We are excited to announce that we are bringing a group of 30 members of our community to travel with us. We will immerse ourselves in a week of great joy, medicines, healing, and knowledge exchange with the Yawanawa people.* Chris and Silvania will lead the group and is excited to guide us through the forest to meet the people we considers family. For details…