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Pajé Tumē

Pajé Tumē Huni Kuī is coordinator of the Huni Kuī women of Rio Humaitá and vice coordinator of the Instituto Centro Espelho da Vida @centro.hunikuin.espelhodavida

Great warrior, master of sacred medicines and the arts of her people such as graphics, weaving, beadwork and others…

A student of Huni Kuī mysteries and knowledge, she has been learning and following diets directed by her grandmother Biruani Huni Kuī.

Tumē, was born and raised in the Humaitá River Indigenous Land and over time got married and went to live with her family in the Jordão River Indigenous Land, had 5 children and to give them the opportunity to study she moved to the municipality of Tarauacá where he currently lives with his children waiting for them all to finish high school.

Tume has been traveling the world carrying out spiritual work with his entourage TXANA SHUKUABU, a family group formed by Pajé Tumē. Sharing your culture and tradition by publicizing the internal projects of your Village @centro.hunikuin.espelhodavida, especially strengthening the work of the Huni Kuī women of the Humaitá River.

Long live the Huni Kuī people!
Long live the strength of women!
Long live forest medicine!