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Taita Pedro

Traditional Indigenous / Shaman

Taita Pedro, Shaman, Curandero, Conocedor, Yagecero or traditional Indigenous Physician as these men are known in Putumayo, Colombia has more than 20 years of experience working with the family of sacred medicine. He arrived in the United States in 2016 to help spread the teachings of the native people of South America. His work creates awareness by sharing their knowledge, respect and good use of sacred plants as is traditional in several countries such as Colombia, Argentina, Europe, Venezuela, Mexico and Panama.

In his journey through the United States, he has brought many people through the process of healing a variety of problems. These issues include anxiety, addiction, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, PTSD, suicidal thought, childhood trauma and many more. People from all walks of life find their path of healing transformed by Taita Pedro. The work of the medicine healer is based on the healing of the spirit, mind and heart. In the indigenous language, this is called Juaba, allowing a state of consciousness that brings the integration of the mind heart and spirit, which achieves healing of the individual in all aspects of their being.

HE began on his path in the traditions of his Colombian Ancestors learning from his elders and medicine man that served before him. The medicine that he brings to share is Yage (also know as Ayahuasca, Ambihuasca, Capii, Ufa, BiajYi.) This is a very powerful medicine that together with Icaros (shamanic songs) allows to flow inside our being, knowing and recognizing each of our strengths, allowing to be free people and be aware of all the aspects of our being.