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Anthony Chetta

Since being blessed in connecting with Soul Quest in July 2016, people have asked me: “What are you? Are you a facilitator, medicine man, healer, Ayahuasquero…?”

I am none of those, yet can exhibit certain aspects of those roles as needed in response to the moment. Often, people who refer to themselves as a certain thing are actually not that thing – for the truth is beyond the disguising masks of titles and forms that we tend to identify with.

Dissolving what I think I am, not adding more to it, is part of my life’s purpose. It is in this way that Ayahuasca has been a powerful, direct tool for cleaning, if not shattering, the lenses from which I perceive myself and this reality. With this comes great diligence and accountability, since it is always our choice whether or not to superimpose certain lenses onto the ever-present truth. Ayahuasca can help us to make that choice with more awareness, with more consciousness, empowering us with our inherit spiritual nature and gift of creation.

My spiritual journey resumed at a young age with the experience of being connected with something far greater than my physical self and surroundings. As life unfolded, this knowing became buried under the want to associate with the Western ideal of life, and with what we are programmed to believe as important. At the age of 14, I was diagnosed with a so-called autoimmune disease which, looking back, has been a strong signpost along the path of uncovering the knowing that never left me – or any of us – in the first place.

Every person has the possibility to heal themselves and release self-created or acquired suffering. Ayahuasca can assist in dissolving the false concepts of conditioned thinking and patterns based on fear, of which we have accepted as reality. In reconnecting with our natural state of love, we will transform suffering into wisdom, recovering the light within ourselves that we are here to share as spiritual beings. Hence my call to work in this ever-evolving capacity – for myself, for you, and for this planet – with much gratitude, respect, and love.