Our Team Members

Colleen Mix

Colleen Mix is a mother of two sons living in St. Augustine, Florida. She has been a member SoulQuest Ayahuasca Church of the Mother Earth since December 2016, a volunteer since September 2017, and was brought onto the team as overnight staff May 2018. She was called to a path of healing through plant medicines primarily because of a pharmaceutical opioid addiction that plagued her for about a decade, cumulatively. She has ascertained much success in her transformation.
Colleen has remained clean from all pharmaceutical medications since her first ceremony, January 13, 2017. She vowed it was time to make earth-shaking changes about her tail-spinning life, challenging herself to sit and experience the brew through 20 ceremonies during her initial year. She claims freedom from addiction with the guidance of Ayahuasca through deeply profound healing of trauma, sustaining growth as she continues to maintain her recovery.
Today, Colleen feels fulfilled facilitating others who wish to dive inward. Members now might catch her refining her growth singing various medicine songs as she has uncovered somewhat of a singing voice to share during ceremony since September 2018. She feels infinitely blessed to be a part of this dynamic, compassionate, motivated family, and she welcomes all of you to become a part of her continuing journey as you experience each, your own.