Our Team Members

King Ayawhiska aka Aya

Aya Is one of the hardest working facilitators that we have at Soul Quest. His journey began when we bought the place that Soul Quest is now at. The owners of the house left him behind after they sold the house to us.
The change put him in a very deep depression. For weeks he would not eat food or come close to the house. Everyday We would try to interact with him and leave food for and water for him to eat and drink. Months had passed and he began to look very sick and skinny.
One day he finally he came out of the shadows looking very weak, walk up to me and finally ate some food. After he was done he started to purr and rub up against me. I took this as a big THANK YOU.
Since I did not know of his name we called him Aya and every day after that he became friendly to everyone that has ever come to Soul Quest. Aya has help 1000s of our members in there time of need and this is why we call him KING AYAWHISKA