Our Team Members

Maestro Don Gaspar

Maestro Don Gaspar a Shipibo Shaman from Pucallpa, Peru.

Don Gaspar offers traditional Shipibo Ayahuasca ceremonies in a safe, secure environment at Soul Quest. In addition to providing opportunities for people to work with this amazing plant medicine in the short term, he also has a center near Pucallpa, Peru. He offers long term study for those who wish for a deeper understanding of traditional plant medicines. Traditionally, when an individual wishes to learn the properties of a plant, they spend time in isolation without any major distractions and a medicinal plant is imbibed on a daily basis while following very strict dietary guidelines. Over time, the “spirit” or dueno of the plant will make itself known to the initiate. In this way the plants impart their knowlege and energy to the student. Our traditional dietas typically take approximately 12 days. This can vary, depending on the plant and various dietary restrictions. Don Gaspar has spent much of his life learning the energies of the plants in this traditional manner and is offering his incredible breadth of medicinal knowledge.