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Andrew Guillory

Integration coach, Facilitator and Rapé Practitioner.

Andrew began his healing journey with Ayahuasca in mid 2019, when he left Louisiana with no intention of returning.

“I couldn’t take living in my own private hell any longer. It was time to make a drastic change and begin digging deep.”

Thanks to the medicine and community support at Soul Quest, he has overcome many issues of unresolved trauma, complicated grief, and disassociation issues. Andrew is a lover of açaí bowls, curry, and visual art. He has painted several murals around Soul Quest, helping to further beautify the space.

Events with Andrew Guillory

Spiritual Warrior Brotherhood Ayahuasca Ceremony July. 5th - MEN ONLY
July 5 - 6, 2024

This Spiritual Warrior Sacred Medicine Retreat is an unique opportunity to do deep inner work surrounded by only men! It allows you to connect with the Warrior in you but also gives you the opportunity to let go of blockages and shields that come with expectations of being a man in our society. Let’s hold hearts with our brothers. It is not so much a restricting of the feminine energies as it is a building up, a restoring of the sacred bonds of brotherhood and the…