Laura Trevino

Facilitator, Administrative Assistant, Rapé Practitioner, Psychospiritual Integration Coach (BTTY).

Psychospiritual Integration Coach (BTTY) information:


At a noticeably young age Laura understood the importance of our spiritual connection and stewardship to Mother Earth and would spend her time surrounded in nature. She pursued a bachelor’s in psychology with an inner knowing she is here to help people. This led her into various philosophies and spiritual teachings that formed into a deeper connection to Great Spirit. She advocates for the right of the individual to choose sacred plant medicines for their own personal healing.

As an integration coach, she aids with guests who are struggling through the integration process. She has a deeper understanding that once you heal past wounds, you allow yourself to transcend the story in your mind and to relinquish the mind’s power over your past. She sees that Mother Ayahuasca is a catalyst for such transformations through the many stories of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

Laura enjoys the growing sense of community by assisting with events through the Orlando Psychedelic Society. In her spare time Laura offers one-on-one Psychospiritual Transformational Coaching services. She provides knowledge on shamanic practices through the wisdom of the Curanderos and teaches respect for the sacred rituals. Laura feels her mission is to spread the medicine’s message, for humanity to remember their ability to heal themselves, so in turn they may heal the world.

“All things are our relatives; what we do to everything, we do to ourselves. All is really one. – Black Elk