Our Team Members

Shiri Takacs

Facilitator. Hapé Practitioner. Medicine Musician and Visual Artist.

Shiri Takacs is a musician and artist composing and performing music derived from her Ayahuasca journeys and medicine space. She also assists Soul Quest in running more vegan, eco-friendly, sustainable practices. Her mission for her music is to connect people to themselves, to each other and to every living being on this planet so we can truly live in peace and unity. She’s also passionate about conscious living and cultivating an inspired authentic life hoping that by truly following her own path, she gives others permission to do the same.

“My intention through my music is to bring love and emotions through to the surface and help you realize the beauty and depth of your own soul, but mostly… I just want you to feel.”

Shiri holds Sacred Sound Journey’s every Saturday afternoon at Soul Quest.

Events with Shiri Takacs

Sacred Female Ceremony Jan 15-16
January 15, 2021

In a unique opportunity to let go of what is dormant and bring in the new vibrant energies of the moment, let’s hold hearts with our sisters, mothers, and daughters. Let’s hold hands with the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, and most importantly with Ourselves. It is not so much a restricting of the masculine energies as it is a building up, a restoring of the sacred bonds of sisterhood and the Divine Feminine. The chance to acknowledge and feed the sovereignty and divinity resting in each Goddess on this Earth. This includes a balancing of the Divine Masculine and Divine…