• Dragonfly Lodge - Temperature Controlled Ceremonial Area – $812.00
  • Lotus Lodge - Temperature Controlled Ceremonial Area – $812.00
  • Patio Ceremonial Area – $777.00
  • Private Cabin Double Full Size Beds (1-4 Person) – $927.00
  • Private Cabin Full Size Bed (1-2 Person) – $877.00
  • The Queen Room - Queen-size Bed with en-suite (1-2 Person) – $947.00
  • The King Room - Luxury King-size Bed with en-suite (1-2 Person) – $947.00
  • Maloca - Temperature Controlled Ceremonial Area – $847.00
  • Bring your own Tent – $792.00

Date & Time Details: Check-in time is between 12 pm - 4 pm. The retreat begins at 5 pm.

Location: Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth

Address: 1371 Hancock lone palm rd. Orlando Florida 32828

[email protected]

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“The Music Inside our Divine Nature” Ayahuasca Ceremony July 2-4 with Riccardo Marongiu from Italy

With Mel, Dr. Tiffany Riley, Verena Young, Shiri Takacs, Ben Heimann, Colleen Mix, Dawn Touchstone and Nora

July 2 - 4, 2021

The Music Inside our Divine Nature Ayahuasca Ceremony. A Weekend of Mystic Music, Sacred Numbers and Healing Drum Circles with Riccardo Marongiu from Italy

Riccardo Marongiu is an Italian musician, composer and artist who is well known and renowned in his hometown of Pesaro, Italy.

A multi-instrumentalist, Ricardo performs music from various genres such as jazz and folk. However, the true magic of his musical gift is experienced during his meditation and spiritual performances; his medicine to the world.

Marongiu creates trance-dance, meditation and other types of spiritual music that evoke transcendental experiences.

One of the best aspects of Ricardo is his authenticity and true expression of self; he feels deeply that his music is channeled from the Divine Infinite Mystery. In the beginning of the Covid era, Ricardo received divine guidance, which led him to focus primarily on spiritual music, which he continues to share with the world.

We are pleased to announce that Ricardo will be performing at Soul Quest the weekend of July 2-4. During this sacred weekend, Ricardo will delight you with music during various ceremonies, a workshop on Sacred Numbers in Music and culminating with a guided and participative Drum Circle.

This retreat includes a Friday night and Saturday Daytime Ayahuasca Ceremonies plus Workshops with Riccardo Marongiu


Facilitator, Rapé Practitioner, Psychosynthesis Life Coach, Yoga Instructor YT200, Sacred Cacao Ceremonies Facilitator. Italian born and raised, I found myself dealing with depression, eating disorders, and traumas that were seriously limiting my life to the point my own existence was at risk. My resilience (and probably my higher Self) pushed me to work hard in solving my situation, till I received the call from Ayahuasca during a meditation, a turning point in my life. I am now humbly honored to have been called in serving the medicine as a facilitator at Soul Quest Church of Mother Earth.  ​ My…
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Dr. Tiffany Riley
Doctoral degree in Oriental Medicine, Board Certified Doctorate of Pastoral Medical Sciences, Pastoral Medical Association, Licensed Massage Therapist, Licensed Paramedic, Certified Mercier Fertility Specialist. Dr Tiffany completed her Associate of Science in Medical Massage Therapy at Florida College of Natural Health. She then continued her training completing a graduate program Master of Science in Oriental Medicine at the Florida College of Integrative Medicine with a Oriental Medical Doctor Residency Training at Conmaul Integrated Hospital in Seoul, South Korea.  She has Advanced Clinical Training in Gynovisceral Manipulation and is a Certified Mercier Fertility Specialist. Dr Tiffany has over 10 years experience in Emergency Medicine and is…
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Verena Young
Founder, Director for Research & Evaluation, Integration Coach Verena studied Sociology with a major in Social Psychology at the University of Bielefeld in Germany (2002 -2009), and is currently finishing her PhD in Educational Science. She is also certified in Spiritual Counseling (Paracelsus School of Naturopathy), Addiction Recovery and Psycho-Spiritual Integration Coaching (BTTY). Verena is originally from Germany where she has lived and worked the first 30 years of her life in a small town in North Rhine-Westfalia. She studied at the University of Bielefeld, Faculty of Sociology, and continued in the department of Educational Science. She worked for the…
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Shiri Takacs
Facilitator. Hapé Practitioner. Medicine Musician and Visual Artist. Shiri Takacs is a musician and artist composing and performing music derived from her Ayahuasca journeys and medicine space. She also assists Soul Quest in running more vegan, eco-friendly, sustainable practices. Her mission for her music is to connect people to themselves, to each other and to every living being on this planet so we can truly live in peace and unity. She’s also passionate about conscious living and cultivating an inspired authentic life hoping that by truly following her own path, she gives others permission to do the same. “My intention…
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Ben Heimann
Facilitator, Manager, Psycho-Spiritual Integration and Addiction Recovery Coach. Ben joined the Soul Quest team in 2019 with a passion for psychedelic science and a heart for healing. His personal healing with plant medicine has placed him in service to the medicine and those around him. He is certified in Addiction Recovery Coaching and is available for Psycho-Spiritual Integration. As well as facilitating, Ben generally manages the overall operation and we are blessed to have him as a member of our team.
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Colleen Mix
Facilitator & Rapé Practitioner. Colleen Mix is a ceremony facilitator and mother of two growing sons living in St. Augustine, Florida. She has been a member of Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of the Mother Earth since December 2016, a volunteer since September 2017, and was brought into our core team of staff in May 2018. She was called to a path of healing through plant medicines primarily because of a pharmaceutical benzodiazepine addiction that plagued her for about a decade, cumulatively. After a head-on collision vaulted her back into the meathooks of addiction spring of 2016, she vowed it was…
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Dawn Touchstone
Facilitator, Rapé Practitioner, Kambo Practitioner. AKA “Mama Dawn” I found my way to Soul Quest in 2018. It was a final attempt to find relief from decades long severe treatment resistant depression. It took about a year to wean off all the pharmaceuticals that were ineffective and addictive before I could take the Ayahuasca. The results were more than I could of hoped for. I have been at Soul Quest ever since. In that time, I went from volunteering to becoming a facilitator. I trained and became certified as a Kambo practitioner through IAKP. Rapé Practitioner. I have been to…
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Facilitator, Volunteer Coordinator, Communications Correspondent. Nora started expanding her spiritual path in 2009 gaining certifications in Reconnective Healing and becoming an Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator. She is very passionate about working with plant medicines and helping others connect to their true selves. Nora is the voice behind the emails and phones and is always happy to answer questions or direct you to the right human.
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