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  • Dragonfly Lodge - Temperature Controlled Ceremonial Area – $1,446.00
  • Lotus Lodge - Temperature Controlled Ceremonial Area – $1,446.00
  • Private Cabin Double Full Size Beds (1-4 Person) – $1,824.00
  • Semi-Private Temperature Controlled Ceremonial Area Hummingbird (Colibrí) Lodge – $1,446.00
  • Semi-Private Temperature Controlled Ceremonial Area Jaguar Lodge – $1,446.00
  • 1-2 Person Private Cabin with full size bed – $1,499.00
  • The Queen Room - Queen-size Bed with en-suite (1-2 Person) – $1,854.00
  • The King Room - Luxury King-size Bed with en-suite (1-2 Person) – $1,854.00
  • Maloca - Temperature Controlled Ceremonial Area – $1,446.00
  • Bring your own Tent – $1,374.00

Date & Time Details: Check-in time is between 12 pm - 4 pm. The retreat begins at 5 pm

Location: Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth

Address: 1371 Hancock lone palm rd. Orlando Florida 32828


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Traditional Ceremonies with Music from the Huni Kuin Tribe May. 19-22

With Chris Young, Verena Young, Chef Jennifer, Ben Heimann, Dr. Tiffany Riley and Shiri Takacs

May 19 - 22, 2022

Program is fully booked

Hey Soul Quest Family, 

for this special weekend a family from the Huni Kuin tribe in Brazil is joining our church during their 2022 US tour. They are a powerful ancestral family of Txanas (medicine music players and guides) and Pajes (spiritual leaders) coming from the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest. 

“Txana Txukuabu” means “all the indigenous musicians together” in Hatxa Kui, the 6000 year old language of the Huni Kuins. This is the name of the group who will travel to the United States as well as the name of the Multicultural Center that has been created in Brazil. 

Txana Txukuabu is a powerful band and a spiritual team that invokes the spirits of the animals and the forest. They bring us the soul of the Amazon rainforest through their traditional songs and ancient rituals. This band is the perfect mix between Shanenawas and Huni Kuins, bringing the energy of the ancestors, animals, and placts of the forest. 

They are recognized by the tribal elders as official ambassadors of the Huni Kuin culture, carrying a long lineage of musicians and traditional wisdom in their family. 

This Huni Kuin retinue is represented by Tume, Dua Ninawa, Txana Ibã. 

Tume is the representative of all the Huni Kuin women of the Humaita River in the Acre region of Brazil. Tume is “The Mother ” who holds ancient knowledge learned from her grandmother and elders. She has dedicated her life to continuing her lineage and ensuring the ongoing practice of their sacred wisdom by training young Huni Kuins in their traditional songs and art craft. Tume was recently elected into the local government as Director of the Department of Culture of Tarauaća, the main indigenous city in the area, which opens directly in the Amazon rainforest. She masters the traditional songs with a strong feminine voice and guides her people in the path of love, respect, and honesty. 

Ninawa is the son of Tume and a master in guitar, ukulele and charango. He also plays the drums, bass and variety of Andean flutes to accompany other musicians in the band. Ninawa is a skilled singer, mastering both the traditional chants and the new age songs played with string instruments. 

Txana Iba is the brother of Tume and another master of the guitar, ukulele and charango. His music is powerful yet sweet and soft, evoking sounds of animals and nature from the Amazon. He weaves the light filled, uplifting energy of the Huni Kuins into his music and sings primarily about happiness as a choice in life. 

Txana Txukuabu is both a spiritual band and an organization we have established in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil. We are in the process of building out a Multicultural Retreat Center that will run two different Art Schools: One for music and the other for textiles and art crafts that will directly benefit the local children. 

They are also promoting our next Multicultural Women’s Festival in the Center, taking place in October 2022. 

The Purpose of all of our work is to preserve the Amazon Rainforest that is highly threatened by logging and mining companies. We do so through forging strong ties with the guardians of the sacred and ecologically important forest, collaborating with these wisdom keepers to create secure spaces where they can continue developing their cultures in peace as the original stewards of the Amazon Rainforest and its ancient wisdom for centuries to come.

Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth is a spiritual learning and healing center focused on providing the community with service, education, spiritual fellowship, healing practices, and guidance.  Our neo-shamanic church blends shamanic traditions from the amazon with our western culture. We embrace all paths of a free responsible search for truth and spiritual meaning and believe that each person is a unique & individual expression of the Great Source of Life and that each person is sacred and worthy of love.

We believe in the rights of Mother Earth, and in protecting the practice of Mother Earth-based South Native American spiritual traditions, ceremonies, and sacred indigenous natural medicines. What is of the earth is our holy sacrament, and we retain the rights as citizens of this nation to use plant medicines as tools for the benefit of our physical health, spiritual growth, and personal evolution.

We do not charge for the medicine, but for the work of accompaniment, for meals, accommodation, psycho-spiritual integration with trained coaches, psychological support, and medical supervision!

Soul Quest utilizes an independent medical service that provides medical support throughout our weekend retreats to ensure everyone’s safety, support, and that all your needs are taken care of at any point during your stay. The Soul Quest Natural Healing Center has a world class medical team that includes a Medical Director, an MD, a Dr. for Oriental Medicine, a physician’s assistant, licensed paramedics, and licensed practical nurses.

We also provide the highest standards of Psycho-Spiritual Integration to all our members before during and after your stay with us. Our integration team is all certified by our sister organization Being True to You. This organization is specialized in transformational coaching services that are designed to support both addiction recovery and psycho-spiritual integration work surrounding transformational experiences with entheogens.

Before you can book your retreat, you are required to sign up as a member of Soul Quest Church of Mother Earth. After booking we will send you our medical forms, consent forms & waivers that you have to fill out before attending a weekend retreat.

We also have a mandatory medical intake process. Please contact our medical team (sq.medicalteam@gmail.com) if you are taking any type of medication or suffer from any condition that needs medical attention beforehand. You must call if you have been diagnosed with any heart condition, epilepsy, schizophrenia, multiple personality or bi-polar disorder.

Ayahuasca Ceremony: The donation for our retreats is $899.00 for a 3 day 2-night weekend retreat. This includes 2 Ayahuasca ceremonies with an option of a Saturday daytime Ceremony for an additional $150


Free Basic accommodations: You will sleep on a 4 inch mattress in the ceremony area

Upgraded accommodations:

Private Queen bedroom with trundle and bathroom 1-3 person – $340 for the weekend

Private King-size bed with bathroom – $340 for the weekend

Private Cabin with 1 full-size bed – $200 for the weekend

Private Cabin with 2 full-size beds and AC – $300 for the weekend

Temperature controlled ceremonial area (Maloka) – 70.00 for the weekend

Temperature controlled ceremonial area (Building 1) – 70.00 for the weekend

Temperature controlled ceremonial area (Building 2) – 70.00 for the weekend

Family Suite (1 – 6 guests) – $300.00 for the weekend 6 beds available

Family Suite (1 – 8 guests) – $300.00 for the weekend 8 beds available

Bring your own tent – $30.00 for the weekend

Extra Ceremonies “add ons”

Saturday Daytime Ceremony – $150.00

Intensive Integration Program with Dr. Scott or Dr. Laurie (until 3 pm on Sunday) – $100.00

Natural Healing Center Services:

IV-Therapy, Acupuncture, Cupping, Massage-Therapy, K-Laser Treatment


Please note that there will be no refunds or discounts for arriving late, leaving early, flight cancellations, travel delays or illness. If you cancel your participation in a retreat for any reason, the cancellation policy below will apply, with no exceptions. We wish we could compensate people for unforeseen circumstances (injury, family emergency, etc), but we have costs already incurred when reserving retreat centers and hotels. We have designed our cancellation policy to be as compassionate as possible in the case that your plans change. But to protect yourself further, we strongly encourage you to purchase travel insurance.

Please send an email to info@ayahuascachurches.org or call 407 360 6501 as far advanced as possible. We do not refund your deposit but you can reschedule to any retreat in the future. The exception are if you have a medical condition that does not allow you to participate.

We have never had to cancel a retreat, however, if we do cancel a trip due too few participants, we will refund to you all deposits and payments you have paid. We cannot, however, compensate you for airfare or travel costs incurred. In the unlikely event that SOUL QUEST AYAHUASCA CHURCH OF MOTHER EARTH must cancel a Ayahuasca retreat due to weather, natural disaster or political upheaval, we cannot guarantee a refund – it will be depending on receiving a refund from the venue / tour operator we work with. To cover these risks, we highly recommend you purchase travel insurance.

The best way to protect yourself from any unforeseen circumstance is to purchase trip insurance. Travel Insurance can protect you in case:
• you cancel your participation in the Ayahuasca retreat
• the retreat is canceled due to weather, natural disaster, or not enough participants to run the trip
• lost baggage
• medical expenses and the cost of repatriation should you become ill or injured

We recommend TRAVELGUARD, which offers a variety of travel insurance, including the option for a comprehensive “cancel for any reason” policy. If you cancel your retreat – for any reason – your airfare, hotel, retreat costs, etc. up until 48 hours prior to travel, will be covered. This comprehensive package is called the ” Gold Package Cancel for Any Reason” Policy”. You must contact Travelguard and purchase the policy within 15 days of buying your airline tickets or incurring any costs for any part of your travel. You can also just ensure your air tickets. Travelguard can give you quotes for each scenario.


Chris Young
Co-Founder, Medicine Man, Purveyor of Tribal Medicine. Founder/Spiritual Guide and Medicine Man Chris founded Soul Quest in September 2013 and established its foundation in April 2015. At a young age Chris felt the call to help others so In 1996 he obtained a certificate in Phlebotomy and Medical assisting where he then worked in a geropsychiatric Unit. In 1997 Chris went back to school to study Emergency Medicine and received a certificate for “EMT” where he worked as an ER tech at a local Hospital. After many years of working in the medical field and seeing how bad legal prescription…
Learn more about Chris Young
Verena Young
Founder, Director for Research & Evaluation, Integration Coach Verena is one of the co-founders at Soul Quest and active part of the church since July 2018. She supports the church on multiple levels like e.g., Evaluation & Research as well as Psycho-Spiritual Integration (one-on-one and group settings). It became her mission to guide people before, during, and after transformative healing work surrounding entheogens. She has been on a spiritual path since her early 20s, has participated in many different spiritual retreats, workshops, and energy healing classes. Verena discovered the benefits of Ayahuasca in her personal healing path which has helped…
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Chef Jennifer
Chef of the kitchen, Certified Holistic Life transforming Advisor, Personal Health/Fitness Chef. Jennifer is our chef at the kitchen at Soul Quest. She enchants us with her wonderful vegan/ vegetarian meals during our ceremonies. Jennifer has always dedicated her passion for holistic and organic vegan chemical free lifestyle to her family. And over the past 10 years has extended her knowledge to help others seeking a healthier life style through physical strength training, clean eating choices, and adapting a new lifestyle to create happiness and health. With focusing on a personalized for plan per individual, targeting specific areas such as, hormonal reset for…
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Ben Heimann
Facilitator, Manager, Psycho-Spiritual Integration and Addiction Recovery Coach. Ben joined the Soul Quest team in 2019 with a passion for psychedelic science and a heart for healing. His personal healing with plant medicine has placed him in service to the medicine and those around him. He is certified in Addiction Recovery Coaching and is available for Psycho-Spiritual Integration. As well as facilitating, Ben generally manages the overall operation and we are blessed to have him as a member of our team.
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Dr. Tiffany Riley
Doctoral degree in Oriental Medicine, Board Certified Doctorate of Pastoral Medical Sciences, Pastoral Medical Association, Licensed Massage Therapist, Licensed Paramedic, Certified Mercier Fertility Specialist. Dr Tiffany completed her Associate of Science in Medical Massage Therapy at Florida College of Natural Health. She then continued her training completing a graduate program Master of Science in Oriental Medicine at the Florida College of Integrative Medicine with a Oriental Medical Doctor Residency Training at Conmaul Integrated Hospital in Seoul, South Korea.  She has Advanced Clinical Training in Gynovisceral Manipulation and is a Certified Mercier Fertility Specialist. Dr Tiffany has over 10 years experience in Emergency Medicine and is…
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Shiri Takacs
Facilitator. Hapé Practitioner. Medicine Musician and Visual Artist. Shiri Takacs is a musician and artist composing and performing music derived from her Ayahuasca journeys and medicine space. She also assists Soul Quest in running more vegan, eco-friendly, sustainable practices. Her mission for her music is to connect people to themselves, to each other and to every living being on this planet so we can truly live in peace and unity. She’s also passionate about conscious living and cultivating an inspired authentic life hoping that by truly following her own path, she gives others permission to do the same. “My intention…
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