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  • Dragonfly Lodge - Temperature Controlled Ceremonial Area – $995.00
  • Lotus Lodge - Temperature Controlled Ceremonial Area – $995.00
  • Luxury Private RV – $1,815.00
  • Private Cabin Double Full Size Beds (1-4 Person) – $1,315.00
  • 1-2 Person Private Cabin with full size bed – $1,115.00

Location: Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth

Address: 1371 Hancock Lone Palm Road. Orlando Florida 32828

Contact: Verena Young

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Shadow Ceremony with Steven This NOT AN AYAHUASCA RETREAT 3-29-2024 TO 3-31-2024 Copy

With Steven Twohig Sr

March 29 - 31, 2024

In this process you will take a trip into the internal landscape of your soul. This experiential journey will uncover the archetypes that drive human behavior by plumbing into the depths of your true self. You will learn, practice and have the opportunity to not only take your own journey, but facilitate the journey for others. This process will have didactic teachings, self-assessment, experiential exercises built around ritual, shadow, and advanced facilitation technology designed to uncover those parts of your true self.

This may be the closest you can get to a psychedelic experience without taking entheogens. Humans are wired for transformation. You have ancient architecture imbedded in you that is designed to connect you to source. It is the cave you fear that holds the treasure you seek. The human shadow is one of the archetypes that has the power to ignite your potential and lead you down a deeper path or realization. Through that realization you will uncover deeper archetypes that will give you the ability to initiate powerful insights and innovation.

You will transmute suffering into understanding. You will come to understand where your power flows from and be able to access that power to transform your world. We will access other than normal states of consciousness, deeper understanding of the human shadow and connect you with your internal well of life. Your life will be forever altered by this experience. Our guides are masters in the realm of shadow work, human transformation, and guiding you to deeper understanding of life. By connecting with your source, you gain deeper resonance with who you truly are.

This must be done by entering the cave of your shadow. It’s there that you will uncover the treasure that has waited for you. By learning to sit at the well, you will finally be able to drink the water which has been your birthright.

Upgraded accommodations:

Private Queen bedroom with trundle and bathroom 1-3 person – $340 for the weekend

Private King-size bed with bathroom – $340 for the weekend

Private Cabin with 1 full-size bed – $200 for the weekend

Private Cabin with 2 full-size beds and AC – $300 for the weekend

Temperature controlled ceremonial area (Maloka) – 70.00 for the weekend

Temperature controlled ceremonial area (Building 1) – 70.00 for the weekend

Temperature controlled ceremonial area (Building 2) – 70.00 for the weekend


Please note that there will be no refunds or discounts for arriving late, leaving early, flight cancellations, travel delays or illness. If you cancel your participation in a retreat for any reason, the cancellation policy below will apply, with no exceptions. We wish we could compensate people for unforeseen circumstances (injury, family emergency, etc), but we have costs already incurred when reserving retreat centers and hotels. We have designed our cancellation policy to be as compassionate as possible in the case that your plans change. But to protect yourself further, we strongly encourage you to purchase travel insurance.



  • 14 days or more prior to the start of the retreat : 100% of the deposit paid for the retreat will be transferred towards another retreat within 12 months.
  • 2-13 days prior to the start of the retreat : 50% of the deposit paid of the retreat will be transferred towards another retreat within 12 months, and the remaining 50% of the deposit will be forfeited.
  • 24 hours or less prior to the start of the retreat : No refunds, future rescheduling, or credits will be given.

***No call / No shows will NOT be given any refund or credit, or be rescheduled.***

To cancel, you must send an email stating that you wish to cancel to: and then give us a call at 407-360-6297 to confirm the cancellation.


If we do cancel a retreat, we will refund you all deposits and payments you have paid. We cannot, however, compensate you for airfare or travel costs incurred. In the unlikely event that SOUL QUEST AYAHUASCA CHURCH OF MOTHER EARTH must cancel a Ayahuasca retreat due to weather, natural disaster or political upheaval, we cannot guarantee a refund – it will be depending on receiving a refund from the venue / tour operator we work with. To cover these risks, we highly recommend you purchase travel insurance.


The best way to protect yourself from any unforeseen circumstance is to purchase trip insurance. Travel Insurance can protect you in case:

  • You cancel your participation in the Ayahuasca retreat
  • The retreat is canceled due to weather, natural disaster, or not enough participants
  • Lost baggage
  • Medical expenses and the cost of repatriation should you become ill or injured

We recommend TRAVELGUARD, which offers a variety of travel insurance, including the option for a comprehensive “cancel for any reason” policy. If you cancel your retreat – for any reason – your airfare, hotel, retreat costs, etc. up until 48 hours prior to travel, will be covered. This comprehensive package is called the ” Gold Package Cancel for Any Reason” Policy”. You must contact Travelguard and purchase the policy within 15 days of buying your airline tickets or incurring any costs for any part of your travel. You can also just ensure your air tickets.

Travelguard can give you quotes for each scenario.

Soul Quest Church of Mother Earth is not affiliated with Travelguard.


Steven Twohig Sr
Steven comes to Soul Quest with over 2 decades in the human transformation field. He started his journey April 2000 when he was first introduced to his shadow. Going through an experiential hero’s journey process he met his shadow and from there, developed a mission of service. That mission of service led him on a 2-decade journey to develop tools to support the process of transformation. He spent 2 decades on a leader track for a group focused on shadow facilitation. He has extensive study…
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