• Dragonfly Lodge - Temperature Controlled Ceremonial Area – $934.00
  • Lotus Lodge - Temperature Controlled Ceremonial Area – $934.00
  • Patio Ceremonial Area – $899.00
  • Private Cabin Double Full Size Beds (1-4 Person) – $1,049.00
  • 1-2 Person Private Cabin with full size bed – $1,099.00
  • The Queen Room - Queen-size Bed with en-suite (1-2 Person) – $1,069.00
  • The King Room - Luxury King-size Bed with en-suite (1-2 Person) – $1,069.00
  • Maloca - Temperature Controlled Ceremonial Area – $934.00
  • Bring your own Tent – $914.00

Date & Time Details: Check-in time is between 12 pm - 4 pm. The retreat begins at 5 pm

Location: Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth

Address: 1371 Hancock lone palm rd. Orlando Florida 32828

[email protected]

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Spiritual Warrior Brotherhood – MEN ONLY- Ayahuasca Ceremony July 16-17

With Anthony Chetta, Carlos Guzman, Ben Heimann, Mitch Ott and Lance Supernaw

July 16 - 17, 2021

This Spiritual Warrior Sacred Medicine Retreat is an unique opportunity to do deep inner work surrounded by only men! It allows you to connect with the Warrior in you but also gives you the opportunity to let go of blockages and shields that come with expectations of being a man in our society. Let’s hold hearts with our brothers. It is not so much a restricting of the feminine energies as it is a building up, a restoring of the sacred bonds of brotherhood and the Divine Masculine. This includes a balancing of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in each of us, not a separating of such.

This all male retreat will include one Friday night and one Saturday day Ayahuasca ceremony.


Anthony Chetta
Since being blessed in connecting with Soul Quest in July 2016, people have asked me: “What are you? Are you a facilitator, medicine man, healer, Ayahuasquero…?” I am none of those, yet can exhibit certain aspects of those roles as needed in response to the moment. Often, people who refer to themselves as a certain thing are actually not that thing – for the truth is beyond the disguising masks of titles and forms that we tend to identify with. Dissolving what I think I am, not adding more to it, is part of my life’s purpose. It is in…
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Carlos Guzman
Facilitator, Addiction Recovery and Psycho-spiritual Integration Coach (BTTY Certified), Kambo and Rapé Practitioner. Carlos is an Army veteran who started his awakening journey with the help of plant medicines starting with the Iboga master plant. The experience led him into a quest of discovering his true self and purpose in life. He came to work with the Ayahuasca master plant in search of spiritual connection. Through the visions of his journeys and volunteering his time, he discovered that by helping others, he was helping himself and it was in the act of service where he found healing. He began working…
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Ben Heimann
Facilitator, Manager, Psycho-Spiritual Integration and Addiction Recovery Coach. Ben joined the Soul Quest team in 2019 with a passion for psychedelic science and a heart for healing. His personal healing with plant medicine has placed him in service to the medicine and those around him. He is certified in Addiction Recovery Coaching and is available for Psycho-Spiritual Integration. As well as facilitating, Ben generally manages the overall operation and we are blessed to have him as a member of our team.
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Mitch Ott
Facilitator, Rapé Practitioner, Intuitive Medium. Mitch joined the Soul Quest team in January 2020 not only as a facilitator and Rapé Practitioner but also to share his healing connection to spirit world with psychic mediumship. At a young age, Mitch was always drawn to nature. His parents would often find him returning from the woods with a new critter in hand. As he grew older, he began to lose his tenacious connection to source and consequently, life only brought him misgivings. After years of depression and anxiety, Mitch finally came to a tipping point in dealing with spiritual self. As…
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Lance Supernaw
Facilitator, Veteran’s Consultant. Master Sgt Lance Supernaw is a highly decorated combat Veteran who served over 14 years as a USAF Special Operations Pararescuemen.  We at Soul Quest are honored immensely to have Lance on our team of facilitators who are also involved in sponsorship outreach.  He has served in a variety of deployments around the world and knows first-hand how to survive the PTSD battle back at home. Like all Veterans who go through the VA system, Lance was prescribed a cocktail of pharmaceutical meds to try and cope with the traumas of his Military career.  After returning home,…
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