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Ready for Some Soul Searching? 4 Ways to Dig Into Your Conscious

soul searching

Go to work, pick up your kids from school, go home, make dinner, eat, and go to bed. Many of our lives are filled with this sort of monotony. While some thrive in this endless cycle, it can be draining to most.

One day, this feeling may build or come crashing at you at full force and you will realize just how unhappy you are. When this happens that may be a huge indicator that you need to do a little digging into your subconscious to find the source of this dread and change it.

You may not be able to up and quit your job, which is understandable, but you can find ways to make it less draining. Keep reading to find out how with these helpful, soul searching tips.

1. Your Personal Life

Do you often find that you fill gaps of silence with scrolling through your phone or listening to music? This may be a sign that you don’t really know yourself and so you feel uncomfortable with being by yourself with your thoughts.


One way to combat the uncomfortable feeling of being by yourself with only your thoughts for company is to do a little digging to find a hobby that you’d enjoy. Perhaps you have an art such as writing or painting that you did as a child that you don’t do anymore. You could pick it back up.

When you fill the void with doing something that you love, you’ll connect to yourself and so the silence won’t feel as crushing.

2. Family Life

Having a family can help fill your soul full of belonging and joy or it can weigh it down with stress. Not everyone has the same family life.

Even in the most stable family environment, you have the stress of bills and kids which can cause arguments between you and your spouse. So you can imagine the kind of weight having an unstable family life can put on your soul.


Not every relationship is Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Sometimes you move in with someone and everything seems amazing at first but after a few months, this person starts showing their true colors. They become super controlling and abusive.

It can be easy to say that you want to leave but if you hold any kind of love for this person or you have children together, it’s a little difficult. You’ll need to dig deep to determine if your relationship is one, the source of your stress and two, if it is worth draining your soul further by trying to work out and stay with them.

Family Members

A bad relationship isn’t the only sort of family issue that can deplete your soul. You may have a family member who constantly needs money or has a mental illness. You don’t want to but eventually, you may start to think horrible things about this family member.

If it gets this far you may want to take it to a family psychiatrist. If it hasn’t gotten that far then continue to help them but make sure to look after yourself too.

Don’t give them that last dollar you have if you need it for something for you. Bring in other family members if the stress of doing it all alone is getting to be too much.


Losing a loved one cuts deep. You may want to push it out of your mind or deal with it on your own but this is a bad idea. Even if you seem okay on the surface it may be best to go talk to a psychiatrist about it because chances are, it’s digging into your soul more than you think it is.

3. Work

More Americans hate their jobs than love them. While even those who love their jobs hate coming to work on a Monday, your job shouldn’t leave you with a constant feeling of dread. If you start to feel this way then ask yourself a few questions.

Does your job make you feel physically drained? Do you feel unchallenged? Is there a  sense of fear that you’ll be stuck doing this job for the rest of your life?

If you answer to any of these questions is yes, it may be time to turn things around.

Seeking other Employment

There aren’t many people that can quit their job at the drop of a hat. You can, however, take steps to turn things around. Think back to your childhood to something that you were really passionate about.

If this something is a hobby that you can make a career out of then pursue it. Go back to school and get a degree or head to a trade school. You’ll still have to work your dead-end job but only until you get that paper in your hand.

4. Get Out in Nature

Nothing will recharge your soul like nature. Turning off your phone and getting out of the hustle and bustle of the city will allow you to disassociate yourself from work and other stressors that come with technology and other people.

So if you start feeling a little bit drained, drop everything as early as possible and take a drive into the woods to go for a hike or go camping. Take the time to recharge under the stars.

Dig into Your Deep Consciousness and Do Some Soul Searching

Your soul can become tired from factors in your daily life without you even realizing it. Before it gets to be too much you need to look deep into your subconsciousness and find the source. Use these soul searching tips to turn your life around and avoid burn out.

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