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Quest Pledges

Our Pledge

We invite all members to join us as we pledge to practice, live and impart the Universal teachings of Mother Ayahuasca in order to experience our divine nature..

We Pledge to Walk Our Own Path

Embrace being different. Honor your Inner Self. Permit yourself to be an outsider. Go the path less traveled. Find your meaning in life. Challenge the status quo. Dare to be unorthodox. Celebrate non-conformity.

We Pledge to Be true to Our Self

Practice radical authenticity. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Do what feels true and honest to you. Defend your integrity. Listen to your calling.

We Pledge to Be a Rebel

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We Pledge to Be Passionate and Sincere

Practice deep sincerity. Be fervent about the pursuit of truth, depth, and understanding. Be open, receptive, and humble. Be genuine and serious about the spiritual path. Be wholehearted (not lukewarm).

We Pledge to Fiercely Seek Truth

See through the veil of deception. Expose falsehood and hypocrisy both within yourself and others compassionately. Illuminate the darkness. Explore what is reality versus illusion. Be discerning and clear-minded. Ask, “How am I/others being dishonest?”

We Pledge to Know and Accept Our Self

Strive to be self-aware and understand who you are at your core. Explore your strengths and weaknesses. Investigate your body, mind, heart, and soul. Practice inner work. Ask “Who am I?” Love yourself. Be attentive to all of your needs. Become your own best friend. Practice self-compassion and self-acceptance. Trust and honor yourself. Learn to love all the beautiful and ugly parts of yourself unconditionally.

We Pledge to Find Balance

Permit yourself to be both human and divine. Practice embodied and down-to-earth spirituality. Integrate spiritual practice with psychological growth and healing. Strive to wake up and grow up. Use logic and intuition. Ground spirituality in daily life. Seek to unify all parts of your nature.

We Pledge to Reconnect with Your Soul

Dive deep. Go within. Practice inner work. Remove the blockages obscuring your Soul. Listen to the small, still voice inside. Seek integration, balance, and Wholeness. Honor your wild nature and eternal Soul. Proudly embody your True Nature.