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ayahuasca awareness

Increasing the Level of Awareness with Ayahuasca, by Michael Buttacavoli

At Soul Quest Church, our best advertisements are the personal testimonials of our members and retreat attendees.  Read one of our most thorough and powerful reviews by Michael Buttacavoli, whose main purpose of participating in an ayahuasca retreat was to increase his level of awareness.  If you are interested in Ayahuasca, click here to join and attend a retreat with us in Orlando, Florida. Testimonial and Review by Michael Buttacavoli The Principle goal is to increase the level of awareness.  Preparation prior week via meditation, including noble silence, ­being in the moment, attending to voice frequency changes & what they mean, maximize observation skills of people’s behavior. We received instructions from Chris Young (founder & teacher).  Chris has five female facilitators in long white dresses. Plus one experienced male facilitator with a male assistant. These facilitators provide emotional, physical and security support­.  Students will learn that they provide a vital, effective

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