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Ayahuasca’s Amazing Ability to Create a Spiritual Awakening

For some, Ayahuasca is a release from something they are trying to let go of, whether it’s an addiction to a specific substance or a purge of emotional trauma.  Many people who partake in an ayahuasca ceremony do not anticipate the effect it will have on them spiritually.  Some of the most touching stories come from those who have felt an incredibly deep connection with the earth and those around them, leaving them with a new sense of being.  Here’s some insight into Ayahuasca’s amazing ability to create a spiritual awakening. The spiritual effects have been described as something you see and feel – you experience it, therefore you know it.  It’s deeper than yourself.  The mind expands and you can see past the walls that are blocking you which enables you to begin seeing differently.  There are many stories of people seeing different entities during their experience such as

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