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kahpi brazil

Kahpi University offers online courses to educate on all aspects of Ayahuasca

Since ayahuasca ceremonies are a popular practice for many ailments and conditions in the country, Kahpi University in Brazil is offering online courses to educate on all aspects of this form of healing.  With lessons from the top people in industry, this is some of the best information you need to prepare for and enhance your ayahuasca experience.  If you are looking for more information on the therapeutic and spiritual potentials of Ayahuasca or are interested in the effects of ayahuasca on the body and brain, you can take a Kahpi Course online for around $80.  You’ll learn the safety and dangers of drinking this spiritual brew and will also learn more of the history of the different cultures and groups that use it.  There are countless testimonies from elite doctors and researchers in the medical field who have studied the effects for years, along with information on their own

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