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How to prepare for your Ayahuasca Journey in the New Year

2016 is nearing it’s end and as we host our final spiritual ceremony of the year at Soul Quest, we’re gifting you with some guidance on how to prepare for your ayahuasca journey in the new year.  We’ve seen some amazing transformations during our ceremonies and are blessed to be a part of many of our member’s New Year’s Resolutions.  If your resolution includes cleansing, becoming deeper in the spiritual realm and truly honoring yourself, here are a few tips on how you can get started before your ceremony begins. Meditation is the key to easing your mind and helping you gain clarity, while also lowering stress levels on a daily basis.  Just taking a few minutes out of each day to sit in nature, close your eyes and forget any distractions, is a good way to prepare for yourself for an ayahuasca ceremony.  Guided meditations are a great way to

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