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Healing With Ayahuasca in the US | The World Is Awakening

The world is awakening to a world of self-healing and expanding consciousness. It is also becoming more aware of the limits of traditional western medicine, the dangers of the pharmaceutical industry and its willingness to produce and promote harmful drugs with life-threatening side effects. The Culture Of Pharmaceuticals Every doctor spends years in medical school. The fact that the pharmaceutical industry is the number one supporter of the American Medical Association (AMA) is highly suspect. Too many doctors are very quick to offer pharmaceutical drugs as a solution. Now, those same pharmaceutical drugs — namely ones that “help” to manage chronic pain — have provided the backbone of the opioid epidemic that is ravishing the country. Indeed, nearly 100 people die every day in the United States as a result of overdosing. Acknowledging mother nature as a gentle yet intelligent life-sustaining solution was never in their training. Too few doctors

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How Ayahuasca can help People suffering from Depression

With all of the amazing research, including medical research, that has been done recently about this amazing natural plant, it’s no surprise that it can also help with some of the issues people deal with on a daily basis.   Exactly ‘how’ Ayahuasca can help people suffering from depression is currently being researched.  There are numerous personal testimonials on the web such as this one at   After deciding against popular anti-depression medications that are frequently prescribed, Dr. Andrew Weil opted to try ayahuasca instead and wrote about his experience in a very informative article, which you can read by clicking here. It is important to note that those who are interested in participating in an ayahuasca ceremony to help them with depression, anxiety, or any other disorder, have to be cautious with taking prescription drugs.  We have created a list of drugs that cannot be used in conjunction

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