Kristin is a highly sensitive that has studied children’s psychology in the field of trauma work, the psyche, guided meditations, and the art of dancing to release energy stuck within the body for a little under 2 years as of 2017.

Her compassionate spirit and young yet ancient presence provides grounding and inspiration for living a free loving life. Her main passion and deep calling is to work with children and to have some of her own. Throughout her studies and own processes of uncovering the past for more fruitful of a life, she discovered how vital childhood trauma work is for everyone. It all begins from that point, the child. Forever transforming and growing, never a dull moment with her being on the team.

Events with Kristin

3 day 2 Night Ayahuasca Ceremony Nov. 8-10 Misk’i Takiy will be performing live
November 8, 2019

Misk’i Takiy is a healer and musician who writes and performs original music inspired by medicine traditions and teachings from around the world. He also carries sacred healing songs that have been given to him by his friend and teacher in the Peruvian Amazon jungle, and is honoured with permission to share the healing energy of these songs in his own unique way. His first full-length album, El lobo y la luna, was recorded in May 2016 at Sacred Valley Sounds, Peru.   We do not charge for the medicine, but for the work of accompaniment and supervision, for meals…

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