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Vaccine of the Forest: The Modern Guide to Taking Kambo

what is kambo
Do you suffer from mental illness, such as depression, anxiety, or PTSD?

What about physical illness, like migraines, a weakened immune system, or chronic pain?

If the answer is yes, you should learn about the ancient vaccine of the forest — Kambo.

It helps with an array of mental and physical ailments and works on a spiritual level, too. It’s used to clear panema, or a negative cloud of energy, that causes people to feel lost and leads to health issues.

But what is Kambo?

Keep reading to find out the history of this tribal medicine and its applications in the Western world.

What Is Kambo?

Several tribes in the Amazon, such as the Matsés, the Katukina, and the Yawanahua, embark on a journey at the dawn of day and have for countless years in search of medicine.

By listening to its songs while traveling the rainforest waterways, the medicine people find what they’re looking for 100 feet up in the trees — phyllomedusa bicolor.

Phyllomedusa bicolor, also known as the Giant Green Monkey Tree Frog, is carefully and respectfully borrowed for medicine extraction. Medicine people believe the Spirit of the Frog, Kambo, is the one who provides the healing, so they don’t want to cause them any harm.

The frogs don’t mind when they’re picked up, as they lack fear from not having any known natural predators. How is this possible?

It’s because they produce a waxy secretion believed to be poisonous or toxic to many creatures. So, the coating protects them from potential prey.

Believe it or not, this secretion is what the tribes harvest for medicine.

After carefully tying the frogs’ legs with Palia (straw) and spreading them diagonally, a medicine person gently rubs a stick across the frogs’ skin. This collects the secretion on a stick, which gets dried and is later used as the applicator for medicine.

There’s no poking or prodding to encourage the secretion. Rather, a gentle toe massage may occur next to a warm fire.

The frog is then released and won’t get harvested again for at least 3 months. They can tell which frogs they’ve harvested because the Palia leaves a mark on their legs for this long. This factor is essential, as the frogs need to have enough poison left to protect themselves.

It’s important to know what tribe the practitioner gets the Kambo from if you’re receiving healing anywhere outside of the Amazon. That way, you can support people who harvest ethically.

Once the medicine gets harvested and dried, a Kambo ceremony will occur.

Kambo Administration

We should first say that an experienced practitioner should be the only person giving Kambo. The medicine is potent and may be harmful if applied improperly or to a person with certain medical conditions.

Before starting the ceremony, each person should have an intention of why they’re looking towards this medicine. This intention will guide how the medicine works with you and what you’ll gain from the experience.

In a Kambo ceremony, the practitioner creates superficial burns on the subject’s body. These minor burns are called “points” or “gates”. The amount a person receives depends on a variety of factors such as their experience with the medicine, age, and reason for seeking healing.

The 3-5mm points are commonly located on the left arm of men and on the right thigh of women. Once the points are in place, the practitioner can apply the Kambo from the stick used to harvest it.

Please note that Kambo isn’t for everyone. Do research if you have any mental or physical ailment to see if it’s right for you. Your practitioner should also inform you of known contraindications.

Additionally, there’s a protocol for the consumption of food, water, and other substances before, during, and after the ceremony.

This is due to the intense physical response the medicine offers as a part of the healing process.

The Experience of Kambo

After Kambo enters the lymphatic system through the burns, a few physical symptoms begin to present themselves and typically last less than an hour.

The first is often a feeling of heat spreading through the body, followed by an increased heartbeat and decreased blood pressure. Many people feel pressure in their head and in other parts of their body.

The throat may begin to swell. This is normal, as are the other symptoms described, and it won’t completely shut.

After a short period of time, these effects give way unto other healing responses: purging.

Kambo causes the body to release toxins, bacteria, and illness in the form of vomit and diarrhea. This has profound healing effects, as 80% of our immune system is in our gastrointestinal tract.

Many people report feeling like the Giant Monkey Tree Frog itself while undergoing the ceremony due to the physical effects of the medicine.

If you’re reading this information for the first time (or even if it’s not new to you), you may wonder why people purposely undergo such an intense process. The answer is that it has profound mental, physical, and spiritual results.

Why People Use Kambo

Traditionally, Kambo’s use in the tribes that harvest it is for immune system health, improved hunting ability, and clearing of negative energy.

The chemical makeup of Kambo includes several peptides that bind to receptors in our body. This creates reactions in our system, seen through the physical process of the ceremony and the long-lasting results.

Psycheplants offers an in-depth break down of these peptides for those of you with medical literacy.

Otherwise, we’ll sum it up in laymen’s terms for you.


Each of these peptides works in different ways. They help alleviate pain, destroy pathogenic organisms, and stimulate the endocrine glands, amongst other things.

Kambo may treat:
This list isn’t extensive by any means. Again, consult the practitioner before partaking in Kambo in case you have any illnesses that may deem you ineligible.

Research continues to show why these peptides work through chemical study.

Mental and Spiritual

As far as the spiritual effects, you’re relying on the Spirit of the Frog to heal your mind and spirit.

Kambo works with your intention and responds to what you need most. That may be clearing our energy blockages, letting go of negative thoughts, or resetting your system for a fresh start.

People often have intentions of physical healing, as well as getting rid of laziness, sadness, weakness, and disharmony within. As Kambo works with you, it allows you to release these things with the physical release.

Find A Kambo Practitioner Near You

Although it’s an ancient tribal medicine, Amazonian tribes teach and sell Kambo to those interested in healing others. You can find such practitioners now in the United States, as it’s completely legal to partake in this religious ceremony.

You don’t have to consider yourself a religious person and you don’t have to be nervous now that you can answer the question, “what is Kambo?”

Find out the vast benefits of the vaccine of the forest for yourself!

Contact us today if you have further questions or want to join us for Kambo ceremony.