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Volunteer Guidelines & Responsibilities

Thank you for your interest in this selfless service to the Soul Quest Community! Volunteers are an essential part of our ability to ensure a smooth and safe ceremony experience.

Your job as a volunteer is to support the Facilitators and Medicine Men/Women who will be working closely with our guests to ensure a safe and productive journey for each member. You will be holding neutral space for our guest which will be explained to you during our meeting on Friday at 3:00pm. You will also be required to complete additional tasks throughout the weekend that will keep the space clean and organized. These tasks will also be discussed and assigned in the meeting.

Major Rules to Note:

Absolutely no fraternizing with guests, volunteers or staff. Our guests come here to heal not to be prospected for romance.

Absolutely no weapons, firearms or illegal substances allowed on the premises at any time. This is an ayahuasca church and we do not condone the use of any illegal substances nor will they be permitted on property.

We have a zero tolerance policy with these rules. If you violate any of these standards, you will no longer be trusted to volunteer at Soul Quest.


If you wish to volunteer, you must contact a Volunteer Coordinator to get approved and to be scheduled. Requests are not always guaranteed. PLEASE have patience as there are often wait lists for volunteering opportunities. Once you have been contacted and placed on the schedule, we’re counting on you to keep your commitment. If something comes up and you need to cancel or reschedule, please contact a Volunteer Coordinator and we will assist in getting a replacement for you.
Arrival Time:
All volunteers should arrive Friday between 9:45am-2pm. Please let your Volunteer Coordinator know ahead of time when they can expect your arrival. Please arrive as close to 9:45am as possible.

If you are not able to volunteer the whole weekend please get this pre-approved and coordinate appropriately with the Volunteer Coordinator.
Departure Time:
Sunday is clean up day and very important to have all hands on deck. We can typically expect to be finished between 1pm-2pm.
Dress Code:
Volunteers should dress in appropriate clean, plain white garments. Pants, shirts, shorts, skirts and dresses should be respectful to the sacred nature of our community. Please be cognizant of clothing length and clothing material choices as there are many tasks that may require you to bend over to assist guests as well as the possibility of rain.

Volunteer Shift Breakdown:

All shifts: Friday Setup / Checkins: 9:45am+

Volunteer Schedule:


Volunteer Voucher Compensation:

At the end of each weekend volunteering, you will receive a digital credit towards a ceremony weekend that can be used for yourself or gifted. Each weekend serving as a volunteer will amount to a $300 credit voucher. Those volunteering one day only per weekend will receive a $100 credit voucher. This requires volunteering five full weekends to obtain credit for a 2-ceremony weekend. Vouchers cannot be used towards daytime ceremonies or cabin bookings. Once six vouchers are recorded per volunteer, no additional vouchers will be credited until those six vouchers are used. Each additional weekend volunteered beyond then will be of service without receiving a voucher. Volunteers have the potential to earn vouchers towards three 2-ceremony weekends maximum per year.

Thank you again for your interest in the volunteer program!

Please fill out the form below and contact the volunteer coordinator at or via phone at 321-440-0602 if you have any questions.
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