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What To Look For In An Ayahuasca Retreat Center


Although your ayahuasca retreat might only last a few days, choosing the right one is sort of like shopping for the right car. You want to do your research, do some testing, and read reviews.

As you decide where will be the best spiritual retreat for your ayahuasca journey, use the same general rule of thumb and follow these specific tips. For more information about finding the right ayahuasca retreat for you, contact Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth today in Orlando.

Look For A Retreat Center In The United States

We’ve mentioned this piece of advice before in our “5 Ways To Prepare For Your Ayahuasca Retreat” article, but it’s worth mentioning again. One of the most costly mistakes people make – literally – is assuming that ayahuasca retreats only occur in South America, or that attending a retreat in Peru is the only way to have an authentic experience.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, many South American “spiritual retreat centers” have moved further and further away from their shamanic roots, instead exploiting ayahuasca tourists for money. These retreats tend to be more expensive and less genuine – that’s a bad combination.

Instead, as you search for your perfect spiritual retreat center, start by focusing on the United States. Our spiritual retreat center, Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth, is conveniently located right near the Orlando International Airport, for example.

Read Reviews and Testimonials

It’s one thing to read first-hand testimonials about ayahuasca, and it’s another entirely to read what participants have to say about specific retreat centers. If a retreat center doesn’t handle ayahuasca with respect and proper intention, then bad experiences are likely to follow. If a retreat center, on the other hand, approach ayahuasca and all participants with a sacred, positive intention, the experiences are likely to be more positive.

Look at what others have had to say. You’ll get a feel for the spiritual retreat center as a whole, and you might also glean some tips as to what to bring, how to prepare, and what to expect after drinking an ayahuasca brew.

At Soul Quest Ayahuasca, we’re proud of our reviews. Members have said:

“What an amazing experience I had at Soul Quest this past weekend! I’ve never felt more free and alive in my life!” – Travis M.

“This place is about as special as it gets. I’ve never felt so safe, so loved and so cared for by every staff member, volunteer and the other participants of my group. The space is beautiful and magical. The experience itself and the lessons I’ve learned are completely life-changing! If you feel any hesitation, or anxiety around an experience like this, Soul Quest is the place to be, I promise you. If you’re suffering with anxiety, depression, addiction or just want to get out of your own way, this is your way forward. I met some people with unbelievable stories of healing, I can almost assure you that there is nothing that this experience can’t help with. As for me… I can’t even begin to put into words how this has changed me. All I can say is that on the other side of fear is your freedom.” – Shiri T.

Be sure to check out more reviews to get an even better feeling for Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church of Mother Earth in Orlando.

Watch Videos and View Photos

Similar to reading reviews, looking at a spiritual retreat center’s videos and photos is an excellent way to get more familiar with the culture and environment. You can see the types of people to partake in ceremonies, the various lodging accommodations available, and the presence of staff members.

Videos are also incredibly informative, so they’re a great option if you’re just starting to learn more about ayahuasca.

Don’t skip out on this important step of the process. Check out photos and videos online today!

Attend A Live Open House

Because the decision to try ayahuasca for the first time is significant, good retreat centers hold open houses. This way, you get a chance to ask questions, learn more about ayahuasca, understand what to expect, and generally gather more information from staff members.

If you’re serious about an ayahuasca journey but have some reservations lingering, we highly recommend attending an open house.

Explore Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church Of Mother Earth

At our retreat center in Orlando, we’re committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and respectful environment. Whether you’ve attended an ayahuasca retreat before or this is your first time experiencing the power of natural sacred medicine, our retreat center is here to support your journey.

Check out our helpful resources, photos, testimonials, and information on our website, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions about our retreat center or ayahuasca ceremonies.